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Компания ИнтенсивМед

Комплексные поставки медицинского оборудования и расходных материалов
Эксклюзивный диcтрибьютор eZono AG и Cytosorbents Corp. в России

Москва +7(495) 540-58-32
Cанкт-Петербург +7(812) 385-50-30

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Comprehensive medical equipment and disposables supplies
Exclusive distribution of eZono AG and Cytosorbents Corp. products in The Russian Federation

Moscow +7(495) 540-58-32
Saint-Petersburg +7(812) 385-50-30
Kazan+7(843) 210-09-40

We are always here for You!

INTENSIVMED LLC makes medical equipment and disposables supplies to state and private medical establishments in the Territory of The Russian Federation. The main focus of our company is AR and ICU departments of medical institutions.

We are proud of our trained and experienced staff and we strive to make our customers satisfied with the choice they make together with our experts. INTENSIVMED has stable relations with the leading medical equipment Manufacturers, and we are official dealers of Sorin GmbH heart-lung machines, PULSION Medical Systems SE, and the exclusive representative of eZono AG and Cytosorbents Corp in The Russian Federation.

The wide variety of equipment we sell and the vast expertise of our sales staff and doctor-consultants let INTENSIVMED equip any medical establishment with the most recent technologies, choosing the wisest cost-benefit ratio.

With sales people working in the field and a net of sub-distributors in the distant regions we cover the whole Russian Federation with the equipment we sell. Due to the fact that we work with Russian-speaking customers, our web-site is in the Russian language, but we are open to communication by contacts below:

INTENSIVMED LLC headquarters:
Moscow, Russia
Tel./fax: +7( (495) 540-58-32
St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel./fax: +7 (812) 385-50-30
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.